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YouTube Music gets new features from Google Assistant

by Henry Brown


Despite the fact that at the current moment in time Google has already managed to completely replace its previous music service Google Play Music with YouTube Music with the addition of some very interesting features, nevertheless, many users did not appreciate the company’s efforts initially, mainly for the reason that in the new music service lacked the ability to manage its own playlists using the artificial intelligence of Google Assistant. So today, Google’s management decided to correct this oversight and prepared a new set of fixes and improvements for its service, including tighter integration of AI from Google.

Mostly, user criticism regarding the functionality and performance of YouTube Music revolved around the need to add smarter algorithms and ways to control their own playlists using voice commands through the smart assistant Google Assistant – and if earlier users of this service could not create their own playlists at all, now this setting becomes even more flexible. The Google development team has finally added the full ability to manage, sort and diversify their craft playlists without having to resort to overly complex shenanigans and tools.


In particular, if you yourself prefer to use quick settings for playlists, then in this sense YouTube Music will now be a more suitable and interesting service for you. However, it still remains to wait for the final completion of the current stage of preparation regarding the work of the voice assistant in the service.

There are assumptions that the Google development team will prefer to focus on those proposals that have already been tested in many other services of a similar plan – in addition, it will somehow have to optimize and improve all the internal components and algorithms with which users can generally compose their own playlists. It remains to wait for this moment and the official patch list from Google regarding the introduction of new features and capabilities.


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