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YouTube Music allowed to download playlists and music for free



Google is promoting YouTube Music as a replacement for the shutting down Google Play Music service, but there are quite a few reasons why users keep sticking to Google Play Music.

Google Play Music has a whole set of features that YouTube Music has poorly or not implemented at all. However, they gradually appear on YouTube Music. So, recently there was support for downloading your own music, although the implementation was not quite the same as in Google Play Music. Now users without a paid subscription were allowed to download songs from playlists previously uploaded to the service to their devices.

That is, if you use YouTube Music for free and you have a playlist with the music you downloaded, you can now download these songs separately or as a whole playlist to your device for playback without connecting to the network.

Previously, downloading tracks to your device and playing offline on YouTube Music was only available to paid YouTube Premium members.

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