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You can now store Instagram Stories for 3 years

by Henry Brown


In the event that you are an avid user of such a social network as Instagram, and you regularly use such a format for posting content as “Stories”. And if this is the case, then you clearly faced a problem due to which you cannot find some old “Story” that you suddenly wanted to show to someone. Now Instagram is going to solve this problem, because the social network is now introducing new features that will just have to help users find their old Stories published over the past three years.

Simply put – Instagram now has a truly full-fledged “Stories Archive”, which now includes a new item in which the year is divided into months, where the days on which you published a particular story are shown. Moreover, now in the archive you can find a full-fledged map, which shows your exact location at the time when you published your Story. Of the innovations, it should also be noted that Instagram has announced several new features that are designed to combat “bullying”.

This functionality will be quite simple to work, but very effective, at least I want to believe in it. The social network will simply automatically hide potentially offensive comments. Another innovation, which has a similar purpose, is that Instagram will discourage users from posting their comments if they contain something that might offend someone. Be that as it may, in any case, the main and most pleasant innovation here is precisely the improved Archive of Stories. Quite often, our Stories are too interesting to be forgotten in 24 hours.

Often there is a need to show them to some new person who has not seen them, but this cannot be done due to the fact that Stories are simply deleted over time. And by the way, do not worry about privacy, because according to Instagram, your own Stories Archive is available only to you. The widespread distribution of this update should begin very soon. So if you wrote down a good story about three years ago that you would like to revisit, then in the coming days Instagram will provide you with such an opportunity.


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