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Xiaomi unveils its first vertical steam iron



The Mijia Steam Ironing Machine is an ergonomic and powerful equipment for ironing and steaming clothes. The device supports ironing at an angle from 0 to 90 °. The product is endowed with many intelligent features to facilitate the process.

The working nozzle of the steamer is equipped with sensors, so the steam supply automatically turns on when it comes into contact with the work surface and turns off when there is no contact. If the user forgets to turn off the steamer, the system will turn itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The Mijia steam ironing machine has a 2200W motor and blower function. This provides a jet pressure of 500 kPa with a steam volume of 42 g / min. The average ironing temperature is 135 ° C, which, with high steam saturation, guarantees a quick leveling of the fabric. An additional option is the destruction of harmful microorganisms.

The device is completed with a water tank with a capacity of 2 liters. This is enough for 40 minutes of continuous ironing. The capacity is enough to iron 18 shirts or 15 trousers at minimum or maximum intensity. There is an automatic stop system when there is a shortage of water in the tank.

The Mijia Steam Ironing Machine will go on sale on November 11th in China. The retail price of the Xiaomi garment steamer is about $ 75.

Source: xiaomiadictos

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