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Xiaomi smartphones may rise in price. Amid a shortage of microcircuits



At the moment, the shortage of video cards and game consoles has had a very strong impact on the market, and so far the forecasts for these segments are disappointing. In addition, recently there has been a shortage in the market of microcircuits for the automotive market. Apparently, the smartphone market may also suffer in the near future.

The President of Xiaomi said yesterday that the global shortage of microcircuits increases the costs of companies, and this may lead to the fact that their products will rise in price. In this case, it was about the manufacturers of smartphones and, accordingly, about the smartphones themselves.

In all honesty, we will do our best to continue to offer consumers the best price we can. But sometimes we may have to pass some of the cost increase onto the consumer on different occasions.

That is, Xiaomi may well increase the prices of its smartphones in the foreseeable future due to a shortage of components. Considering that Xiaomi often offers its devices at very low prices, of course, any increase in the cost of components for it turns out to be sensitive. In the case of brands that earn more on each smartphone, the situation may not be so critical, but in any case, we do not know the details right now.

Be that as it may, smartphones may rise in price this year too.

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