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Xiaomi Mi 11 will not come with a charger. Xiaomi management hopes for understanding



This post perfectly fits the definition of “It can’t be!” Remember how a couple of months ago the whole world hated Apple because it removed the charger and headphones that came with the iPhone 12? At that moment, marketers of all competitors realized how to hyip and began to make statements in the style – “And we will always have chargers!” And even at that moment we predicted that all other brands would follow Apple.

And so it happened, the first company to shout the loudest is Samsung. And literally a month later, we learn that in the regulators of different countries the documentation for the new flagship smartphones from Samsung says that there is no power adapter in the kit. Further, Xiaomi began pouring oil into the fan, which swore and told everyone not to worry, because the chargers will always be included. And what do you think? Today, the leadership of Xiaomi and Redmi in the person of Lei Jun and Lu Weibing published funny posts. And these posts officially confirm that Xiaomi Mi 11 will not have a charger in the package. But the box will be smaller and thinner!

Just imagine the audacity of these Chinese guys who started to announce a completely new packaging, very thin and as light as possible. And the reason for the withdrawal of the charge was … Guess what? That’s right – technology requirements and environmental protection! About the environment, even Apple did not give a ride, but here the Chinese decided to charge us exactly the same. And if Apple can and did have at least a little concern for the environment, then the Chinese guys are certainly lying to us a lot, because very few people still think about the environment in China. They build factories there and continue to spoil the atmosphere. We all know very well about China and its ecology. And the lack of chargers in the Xiaomi Mi 11 kit is definitely not the reason that should be told to the company’s management.

By the way, both Lei Jun and Lu Weibing say that they hope for our support, and in general they will explain everything at the press conference. And they treat customers differently from Apple. And in general they are handsome! Apparently, Xiaomi thinks that Apple has withdrawn the chargers with malice and a desire to make money, and Xiaomi is doing the same, but with deep regret, trepidation and concern for the northern bears. Well, summing up all this, we can say that after all, no one doubted that every Chinese office will repeat exactly for Apple, and even will not change the wording. They took care of the environment, of course …

And yet it seems that Apple can still afford this, and buyers will forgive it. But where does Xiaomi go? Why does this “cheap” brand, which has just begun to make premium devices, make such a pod for itself? Although the current flagship smartphones from Xiaomi are selling well, the figures are much lower than they could be. And then Xiaomi decides to spoil its own sales, saving on charges.

Maybe at a press conference, the management will announce that there will be no chargers in the delivery kit, but they will be given to everyone free of charge. But here we run into the fact that the chargers have been removed because of the environment, the carbon footprint, so that the boxes become smaller and easier to transport. And the chargers will be issued in separate boxes, which will eventually lead to large packaging sizes.

Source: GizmoChina

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