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Xiaomi is preparing a new smart door lock with face unlock function



A promo poster of the new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock Pro with two cameras for face unlocking has appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo.

Judging by the promo image, the new Xiaomi smart home gadget will be presented on November 4th. The device itself is equipped with two cameras and a call button.

Most likely, the cameras will be used for face recognition and door opening, and will also be able to detect burglaries and take pictures of strangers trying to enter the house. I wonder how correct face recognition will work, and whether intruders will be able to unlock this lock with a photograph of the owner of the house.

Earlier, Xiaomi released several models of smart door locks with fingerprint scanners, NFC and other authentication methods, however, the Face ID analog can make the gadget more in demand right now, when you shouldn’t touch various objects once again.

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