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Xiaomi is preparing 200W ultra-fast charging



It’s only been two months since the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced 120W fast charging. The company recently announced the release of 80W wireless charging. On this Xiaomi, apparently, is not going to stop.

According to the author of the popular channel Digital Chat Station, a 200W ultra-fast charger is being prepared outside the walls of Xiaomi.

It is reported that we will see the first devices with a similar power adapter in 2021. If a 120-watt charger charges the battery of a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone with a capacity of 4,500 mAh in 23 minutes, then we can assume that a 200 W power adapter will cope with this task in just 10 minutes.

Although tests showed that Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra charges at 80W, and not 120, as the developers said.

We wish mobile electronics manufacturers would temporarily stop improving chargers, focusing their energies on combining fast charging speeds with smartphone battery life.

It is not yet clear how the 200W charger will affect the battery capacity.

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Source: techarena

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