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Xiaomi Introduces High Power Portable Electric Compressor



The company demonstrated an interesting novelty – a portable electric compressor capable of providing an air flow of up to 29 l / min. The device is suitable for all types of wheels and other inflatable objects. To inflate a car tire, this “kid” will need exactly 300 seconds.

The device has ultra-compact dimensions 142 × 126 × 58 mm and weighs 0.93 kg. The device can inflate a motorcycle wheel in 85 seconds and a bicycle wheel in 46 seconds. The developers give other examples as well. A basketball can be inflated in 20 seconds and an inflatable ring in 25 seconds.

The electric compressor has good autonomy. A 2500 mAh battery is installed here. Pump power – 120 W. By comparison, that’s enough to pump 3 car wheels, 14 bicycle wheels, or 57 basketballs.

To connect the compressor to different types of wheels, adapters are proposed. The model also has an information display, control keys and a built-in flashlight, which will facilitate the process of connecting and pumping wheels in poor visibility conditions.

The price of the Xiaomi portable electric compressor is about $ 30. Sales start on December 17 in China. As a reminder, a few months ago a similar product was launched on the Indian market, which you can read about here.

Source: xiaomiadictos

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