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Xiaomi introduced the affordable and sports balance scooter Ninebot Max

by Henry Brown


Electric self-propelled vehicle manufacturer Ninebot has unveiled a sports version of the Ninebot Balance Scooter Max, a self-balancing scooter. Two electric wheels, a handle for support, a low weight of only 22.8 kg – this is not all that makes it “sporty”.

The “racing” balance scooter responds to steering in 0.01 seconds. The support handle has a retractable mechanism that allows the driver to control his height within 1.3-1.8 meters. Also, according to the manufacturer, the developers have managed to achieve significant progress in ride comfort, in comparison with their predecessors. The self-balancing system starts working automatically when the user stands on the appropriate platform.

Sports form factor Ninebot Max balance scooter officially unveiled

The most remarkable feature of the new product is the design feature that allows you to combine two vehicles into one. This is the balance scooter itself and the Ninebot No.9 Kart Pro electric card. Thus, the driver can choose the way of travel according to his mood, without any difficulties. True, combining a scooter with a kart will reduce the cruising range to 25 km, but at the same time increase the overall speed to 37 km / h. Directly a scooter on a single charge drives 38 km and accelerates to 20 km / h.

The Chinese price tag for the Ninebot Balance Scooter Max is set at $ 620 today.

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