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Xiaomi introduced an affordable and compact handheld vacuum cleaner




Xiaomi has expanded its proprietary line of smart home devices Mijia with a vacuum cleaner of the same name. The recently presented device features a spartan design and an extremely attractive price.

The Mijia Cylinder Handheld Vacuum Cleaner weighs just over a pound, takes up little space and is easy to carry. The brushless motor performs its assigned mission at a speed of 8.8 thousand revolutions per minute. The suction capacity of the device of 13 thousand Pa does not leave the slightest chance of dust and debris.

Xiaomi offers a handheld vacuum cleaner at an exceptionally attractive price

The absence of a wire guarantees the safety of the owner during the operation of the product (the risk of entanglement and falling, breaking the plug or socket, is zero). The duration of the vacuum cleaner’s operation without recharging declared by the manufacturer is 30 minutes in standard mode and 9 minutes in “maximum suction” mode.

This autonomy is quite sufficient for cleaning a room or in a car.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a retractable tube with a wide range of options (several attachments for different types of furniture and carpets). The button lock function excludes the possibility of accidental pressing of these.

For all these benefits, the manufacturer asks for a mere trifle – $ 60 – and is ready to send his creation anywhere in the world.

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