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Xiaomi introduced a new prefix Mi Box 4S Pro with support for 8K



The Chinese company unveiled the Mi Box 4S and Mi TV Stick last month and is now reporting the release of the Mi Box 4S Pro.

The most important feature of the Mi Box 4S Pro is support for 8K resolution, which makes this gadget one of the few in the company with the ability to play 8K.

The Mi Box 4S Pro has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. There is an HDMI 2.1 connector on the body of the device, and a Bluetooth remote control with support for voice commands is included.

Like the TVs of the Chinese manufacturer, the set-top box works with a special version of MIUI.

Pre-orders for the pro version of the Mi Box 4S TV box will start on November 5. The cost of the gadget is $ 50, which is seven dollars more than the basic version of the Xiaomi Mi Box 4S.

There is no information about whether the new set-top box will enter the international market. If this happens, the Mi Box 4S Pro will most likely run on Android TV, not MIUI.

Source: xiaomi-miui

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