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Xiaomi has released a mini dishwasher



Xiaomi is raising funds for the Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar compact dishwasher on its Youpin crowdfunding platform. This device costs 999 yuan (about $ 150 or 12 thousand rubles).

The dimensions of this dishwasher are only 44.3 x 46.7 x 44.1 cm, which allows it to be placed on a table or any other surface without the need to build it into a cabinet. The interior space is quite extensive; in one go, you can wash from 4 to 6 sets of dishes. Water is supplied at a temperature of 75 degrees and destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria, which is unattainable with manual washing.

Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar does not need to be connected directly to the central water supply system, it is enough to pour water into the tanker in the device itself. The jets are sprayed from above and below in several directions under a pressure of 11 megapascals, leaving no blind spots on the dishes. The dishwasher also instantly dries dishes with streams of hot and cold air, so immediately after the washing procedure, the user can take out clean and dry dishes and cups from it.

Xiaomi has provided for the synchronization of the Yunmi Countertop Dishwasher Sugar with the Mijia mobile application, so you can remotely start washing dishes or see how much time is left until the end of the procedure. Through this application, you can also order accessories and consumables for this dishwasher.

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