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Xiaomi has announced an inexpensive Mi Notebook 14



Xiaomi is planning to release an updated Mi Notebook 14, which implements features that were not available in earlier models of this line.

The new version will use the tenth generation Intel Core i3 processor, the volume of the SSD will be 256 GB, and the thickness of the screen frame was sufficient to accommodate a webcam. The case is metal, and the weight of the laptop will be about 1.5 kilograms.

The previously released models Mi Notebook 14 and Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition used the tenth generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, but there was no built-in webcam, the package included an external Mi Webcam HD camera.

Taking into account the “cheaper” design and characteristics, we can expect that the new model of Mi Notebook 14 will be much more affordable than models with more powerful processors. It is expected that it will cost about 470 dollars at the start and without discounts. A release date for this laptop has yet to be announced, but since it has already been announced, we can expect Xiaomi to release it in the coming weeks. First of all, Mi Notebook 14 will be sold in India and China, and then it will be delivered to other countries, including Russia.

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