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Xiaomi Electric Cars Must Make a Technological Breakthrough



Xiaopeng Automobile, of which Xiaomi is one of the investors, has announced that its next-generation autonomous driving architecture will include lidar technology.


The lidar system will improve the autonomous driving architecture and target recognition accuracy characteristics.

The company announced that it will update its autopilot software and hardware systems, starting with production models produced in 2021, and will use lidar technology to improve performance. This makes the company the world’s first automaker to integrate lidar technology into production vehicles.

After the news was announced, it sparked controversy among American industry insiders. Xiaopeng Motors is said to have upgraded its lidar technology because it used to copy Tesla and the recognition was not accurate enough.

Interestingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk retweeted this tweet and said they have old Tesla software, but not the latest neural network developments.

Xiaomi electric cars will surprise with new interesting technology

Xiaomi electric cars will surprise with new interesting technology

In response, today’s chairman of Xiaopeng Motors, He Xiaopeng, posted his angry post on Weibo and said that starting next year, everyone should be mentally prepared for the fact that autonomous driving in China will surpass the achievements of competitors. As for the whole world, Xiaopeng Motors also has something to surprise.

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