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Xiaomi develops a retractable camera lens



Xiaomi develops a retractable camera lens

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is working on a retractable camera lens, promising significant improvement in image quality by borrowing technology from traditional digital cameras.

The retractable wide-angle lens technology will allow it to be folded inside the body of a smartphone, but when additional performance in low light is required, such a lens can be deployed to provide a larger aperture.

Thanks to the larger area, the camera will capture more light, which undoubtedly will have the best effect on the quality of the images obtained.

Manufacturers can now use pixel clustering, where neighboring pixels on a camera sensor combine data to achieve greater sensitivity. But there is nothing better than just a large aperture, which apparently Xiaomi is working on.

In addition to the retractable lens, the Chinese company is working on a new image stabilization system with a wide stabilization angle, which, according to the company, will improve the sharpness of the photo by 20% and reduce the negative effects of camera shake.

However, in which smartphone we can see the retractable lens, Xiaomi does not say.

Source: slashgear

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