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Xiaomi and Redmo smartphones will no longer explode



Xiaomi has patented a new battery charging technology that should avoid problems such as swelling and explosion of smartphone batteries.

It often happens that smartphones and other electronic devices remain on charge for a long time. Under these conditions, mobile devices continue to charge even after the device battery is fully charged. This can lead to the aforementioned problems.

The patent describes a system that estimates the battery capacity in real time during charging and adjusts the power at the right time. In fact, there is nothing revolutionary about this system. Some manufacturers have already added similar solutions to their smartphones, when charging is carried out at full power to a certain level, and then reduced to minimum power.

There are smartphones currently on the market that support fast charging up to 120W, with the manufacturers’ race going on. Against this background, companies must ensure the safety of users and prevent a repetition of the story with the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note7. However, smartphones Xiaomi and Redmi also became heroes of similar stories.

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