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Xbox Chief Says Toxic Gamers Wreaks Huge Hurt on Industry



In a recent interview with the information portal The Verge, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division shared his thoughts that the real threat to the industry is “apathy for the products and services that developers create.”

“The developers have been trying for how many years, you put something on the market so that … the world in hatred tore it apart somewhere on the back of the Internet. I will never vote against any team that performs poorly. I don’t think it will help us in the long term in the industry. “

Phil Spencer argues that games are simply to be played. Enjoy them, and there is some truth in this. The industry has spoiled the community very much. Today it is customary to look for cons and turn a blind eye to the good.

An illustrative example is the really good The Las of Us II, which was heavily criticized for some plot decisions. Let’s see how things will be in the new era after the release of the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

Source: techradar

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