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Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Denies Rumors of Microsoft Acquisition of Japanese Game Studios



A few days ago, a major publication Bloomberg “sowed” a rumor on the network that Microsoft plans to acquire Japanese game development studios. However, today the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer denied this information.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer commented on this situation. Interviewer’s question:

“Bloomberg recently released a report that said Microsoft had approached several Japanese developers with acquisition offers. Is there any truth in this? “

Phil Spencer’s answer:

“I don’t think so … That is, I am not present at every meeting that my team holds, but on my own behalf I will say that this is not true. Most of the opportunities we’ve had so far have been long-term relationships [Речь идет о Bethesda и ZeniMax]and so I don’t think we can easily use our business card to find new developers. I talked about my love for Japanese studios and I remember the days when we had more games made in Japan as part of our first collaboration. I’m thrilled that Tango Gameworks (a ZeniMax subsidiary) is now with us and will follow the work they do. So this is an area that interests me, but no, I don’t think this is a matter of expansion. “

Thus, Phil Spencer is not yet considering acquiring Japanese game developers. However, who knows, his attitude may change in the future, given the popularity of the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles and the Xbox Game platform in general.

In addition, the head of Xbox said that he did not expect to surpass Sony and Nintendo in sales of consoles in their homeland:

“I’ll say that I’m not going to go to Japan and specifically sell Xbox to bypass Japanese console makers. I would hope and would like to, but this is not part of the plan that I wrote down, however, we will work very hard to have the best sales generation we have ever had in Japan, and the same in Korea and China. … […]

[…] Our pre-order in Japan sold out almost instantly. The number of pre-orders exceeded Xbox One sales in the previous year. It was our pre-order one day, so when you think about volume and interest, it’s typical for Japan. “

Recall that worldwide sales of new Microsoft consoles began on November 10.

Source: Wccfetch

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