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World of Warcraft has become free – until November 9, all content is available even without an activated subscription



Raising interest in World of Warcraft ahead of new additions is a fairly common tactic for Blizzard. And first of all, priority is given to the “old-timers”, that is, those who spent a considerable number of hours in Azeroth, but for some reason stopped playing. It is for such players that the developers have prepared a nice bonus.

Everyone who played on the official servers knows that WoW is distributed through a subscription system. If a gamer cancels a subscription, access to the most popular MMORPG becomes inactive. But for all players with an inactive subscription, Blizzard presented a wonderful bonus.

All players will now be able to play World of Warcraft for free between November 5-9. Another good news is the absence of any restrictions. Players can check out all content, including Battle for Azeroth.

The new addition to the game World of Warcraft Shadowlands will appear on November 24th.

Source: blizzard

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