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Windows XP pre-build found full-screen Start menu

by Henry Brown


A software researcher with the nickname Albacore discovered a full-screen Start menu in a pre-build of Windows XP numbered 2410 (Whistler). It is activated by manipulating the registry.

The user page contains shortcuts to launch the browser, mail client and search, as well as links based on file system directories, “Control Panel” and support section. To the right of the menu is a list of programs and documents.

The “Start” button in the corner does not open any menus: clicking on it minimizes and expands the window with the active application. It is possible to customize the image carousel at the top of the page.

A similar full-screen “Start” was present in Windows Neptune, a version of Windows that was dropped in favor of Windows XP, Albacore said. Unlike the Neptune HTML implementation of Start, Whistler is written in DirectUI.

At the end of September, it became known that the full archive of the source code of Windows XP and other Microsoft operating systems was leaked to the network.


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