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Windows says goodbye to the blue screen of death. On Windows 11 it will be black



Perhaps the main feature of the Windows operating system – the blue screen of death – may retire with the arrival of Windows 11. The corresponding menu in the operating system will remain, but the canonical blue color will be replaced by black. Black Screen of Death already works in Windows 11, but not by default: to activate it, you need to change one key in the registry.

Interestingly, the color change will have no effect on the English abbreviation for the screen of death: it will remain BSOD, because both black and blue in English start with the same letter. It should be noted that the last major change with this menu happened back in the days of Windows 8, when a QR code appeared in it. Microsoft didn’t lie when it talked about the large number of changes in Windows 11. As you can see, they even affected the blue screen of death.

So far, nothing has been announced officially about the color change, but it is very easy to do it. You need to find the key in the Windows 11 registry HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCrashControl and set the parameter value DisplayPreRelaseColor equal 0… How to do this is shown in the picture below.

Windows says goodbye to the blue screen of death.  On Windows 11 it will be black

Why did you need to change the color? So far, the answer to this question is to make the BSOD menu match the black background color when turning Windows 11 on and off.

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