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Windows 10 will soon offer two installation modes

by Henry Brown


Microsoft has always approached the process of installing its operating systems quite simply, offering users the easiest and fastest way to install it, without wasting time – in particular, this can be traced in the current current version of the Windows 10 operating system, which requires the user just a few clicks to start the process. That, on the other hand, does not allow a large number of users to learn about all the most important and key features of the Windows 10 system, since most of them choose standard settings and selections without going into details during installation – and Microsoft wants to fix this.

Of course, you can start literally bombarding users with various notifications and messages regarding various main and secondary interesting functions and capabilities of the Windows 10 system, however, in this case, Microsoft runs the risk of alienating users from itself, rather than attracting them, since no one likes to over-impose anything. whatever it was.

And that is why today the Windows 10 development guide said that in future versions of the system, the user will be offered two installation modes – the standard one, as it is at the current time, with the ability not to go into unnecessary details and selections, and the extended one called OOBE, which with from the very beginning, it will be enough to directly tell and show the user the various capabilities and features of certain functions when installing the system. Thus, the end user will always have the opportunity to choose one or another option for installing the system, depending on their preferences.

And this approach can in fact be called rational and thoughtful, since the number of active users of the Windows 10 system continues to grow, and among them every now and then there are people who are not averse to delving into the processes and aspects of the technical plan of the system. On the other hand, Windows 10 is supposed to be able to integrate some additional features and capabilities with respect to third-party devices and development environments right at the stage of system installation, so it’s worth waiting for further information.


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