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Windows 10 will give users the ability to easily delete files occupied by another program



Any Windows user knows a situation when he cannot delete or move a file, as it is busy with another program. This situation is often annoying. Microsoft developers have finally solved this problem.

In 2021, a tool called PowerToys will appear in Windows 10. It will help to remove even those files that are busy with background processes. Of course, you can use Process Explorer to solve this problem, but not all users have the necessary knowledge. And the use of PowerToys, according to the creators, will become a very simple and accessible method for all to delete busy files.

It is reported that the utility interface will be as accessible as possible. With its help, Windows 10 users will be able to close programs that use this or that file without any problems.

It is strange that Microsoft has thought about this only now, because for ordinary users familiar with Windows, the problem of busy files on personal computers and laptops sometimes turns into a real disaster.

Source: ferra

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