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Windows 10 ARM will receive support for AMD64 emulation (x64)




Participants in the Windows Pre-Evaluation Program can begin testing the emulator in November.

There are still not many Windows 10 PCs or laptops on the market with ARM processors, but the owners of these “machines” will soon be able to run 64-bit applications on them. Microsoft says it will launch 64x emulation for Windows Insider testers in November.

Devices running ARM64 processors running Windows 10 are now capable of running three types of applications: native 32-bit and 64-bit ARM applications, as well as emulating Intel x86 applications. However, there are quite a number of applications available only for the x64 architecture, but to run them on Windows 10 with ARM is currently impossible.

Support for x64 emulation will allow systems to run much more software. Thanks to this, computers and laptops with Windows based on ARM will get more convenient functionality.


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