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Why is it dangerous to leave a charger in an outlet

by Jeff Tucker


High-ranking employees of universities are happy to tell not only about the principles of operation of the most complex mechanisms, but also will not refuse to explain everyday moments to people who are far from science.

Thus, Benjamin McBride, head of the Synergy IT University, warned against leaving the charger for mobile gadgets in the socket. In his opinion, it can not only become unusable, but also cause a fire. It is also worth removing the device from the network during a thunderstorm so that fuses and other components do not blow out due to a possible power surge.

it is better to hide the charger away from children and animals

In addition, during periods of inactivity, it is better to hide the charging away from children and animals. The fact is that pets can chew the cable, and in the future experience health problems. With regard to children, the danger is the same, but the consequences can be much more dire.

For mobile gadgets, it is better to use original chargers.

Benjamin also outlined the rule that has become commonplace for many – use only original charges. They can almost always be purchased in the brand’s stores. Often, users complain about the decline in the autonomy of a mobile gadget due to the poor quality of the device itself, but in some cases the reason lies in insufficient charging power.

In addition, the charge level directly on the gadget should also be closely monitored. There is no need to allow situations when the smartphone turns off due to the complete consumption of the stored energy. A “full tank” also damages the battery. The optimum charge level should be maintained between 20-80 percent.

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