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Why buying an iPhone SE 2 is a mistake

by Jeff Tucker

Since the spring release of the second generation iPhone SE, this smartphone has fallen in price by almost $ 100, which in a certain way affects the choice of a new gadget. However, admirers of classic design and compactness should wait a little longer with the purchase. There are several reasons for this.

An acceptable alternative to iPhone SE 2 – iPhone X

Today, the younger modification of the iPhone SE 2 (3/64 GB) is up for sale at around $ 450. For the version with 128 gigabytes, you will have to pay another fifty dollars. In general, if the purchase of a smartphone does not tolerate, then within this amount it is much more reasonable to buy a refurbished iPhone X with 256 GB of memory. Even if it is inferior in terms of processors, the rest of the “ten” is significantly superior to SE.

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE 2 in clear comparison
iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE 2 in clear comparison

If you in a certain way liked the compactness, and this is the primary factor of choice, then there is less than a month left before the start of sales of the iPhone 12 mini. This is clearly the best alternative, with state-of-the-art design solutions included. And the battery in the new product will clearly be more autonomous than the iPhone SE 2, which does not differ in this quality.

Plus, if the choice fell on SE, please be patient for a couple of months. The fact is that another markdown is predicted for this model, and a significant one. If Apple does not undertake this, then the life of this device on the market is practically a foregone conclusion.

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