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Whiteboard Owl camera is designed for remote teamwork with a whiteboard



Owl Labs, which claims to be the first to offer 360 ° video conferencing solutions for hybrid work that “level the playing field” for telecommuters and their colleagues in the conference room, today announced the Whiteboard Owl camera. This camera is said to allow everyone in the meeting to have a good view of the whiteboard. As hybrid work becomes the norm, almost every meeting will now have both remote and local participants, and organizations around the world are looking for solutions that enable both groups of employees to be equally involved. According to a study by Owl Labs, nearly 63% of telecommuters cited the problem of hybrid meetings as being unable to see the whiteboard well.

The Whiteboard Owl device is a dedicated camera that adds any whiteboard in the room to video conferencing, allowing remote participants to see the whiteboard clearly and ensuring everyone is participating in the conversation. Paired with Meeting Owl Pro, Owl Labs’ flagship 360 ° video camera, Whiteboard Owl creates a complete remote interactive whiteboard solution with flexible camera positioning options. The camera can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or tripod, allowing meeting participants to move freely around the room without worrying about where the camera and whiteboard are located. In addition, Whiteboard Owl allows remote participants to see the whiteboard and take pictures of it, even when someone is standing in front of it.

The Whiteboard Owl camera works with any magnetic board. She can switch between board views and meeting attendees by using the markers at the corners of the board. The camera is compatible with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and other popular video conferencing platforms. Filming is carried out at 1080p. The horizontal field of view is 68 °. The camera costs $ 599. In addition, Owl Labs charges a $ 10 monthly subscription for software and ongoing updates.

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FSP Group Introduces World’s First 750W SFX 12VO PSU



Recently, the FSP Group announced the release of the FSP750-27SCB power supply, which the manufacturer himself calls the world’s first 750W SFX 12VO power supply. This PSU reduces PC standby power consumption by complying with the CEC Tier 2 energy efficiency standard. It also meets the requirements of next generation processors, making it suitable for high-end small-sized PCs.

Compared to power supplies with multiple rails, 12VO power supplies only have two rails – 12V and 12Vsb. The rest of the voltages are generated by the converters on the board, which can increase the conversion efficiency. In addition, this allowed to reduce the number of wires connected to the motherboard from 24 to 10. The 4 + 4 connector for the processor is retained, and for video cards – additional power connectors PCle with an 8-pin connector and connectors for 6 and 2 pins. Reducing the number of wires is said to make it easier to assemble and repair the computer and improve cooling conditions.

The new PSU has over 90% conversion efficiency and is 80Plus Gold certified. The DC voltage conversion power supply uses only Japanese electrolytic capacitors. Cooling of components is entrusted to the 92mm fan. The cable system is fully modular. Black flat cables are included. Also included is an adapter for installation instead of a regular ATX power supply.

The unit provides protection against overcurrent, voltage and power, short circuit and overheating. The manufacturer does not name the price of the novelty.

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This is what Huawei’s first smartwatch that measures blood pressure looks like. Huawei Watch D showed on the render



Earlier, Huawei has already said that it is going to introduce a smartwatch with support for blood pressure measurement by the end of the year, and now a render of the device has been published on the Weibo social network.

The render is indicative: it shows the most important thing – the measured blood pressure, and just below – the pulse. This watch will be addressed to those who are much more actively monitoring their vital signs than their progress during training. Otherwise, instead of a dedicated Health key, there would be a button labeled Sport (or something like that).

In terms of design, the new product differs from the current models of Huawei, but this is understandable. One might think that the device, along with a heart rate sensor, will receive a function for determining blood oxygen saturation. And if there is also the possibility of measuring the ECG, then Watch D can be called the most functional device available on the market based on the capabilities of monitoring vital signs. By the way, Huawei watches have already learned how to measure body temperature.

The official premiere of the Huawei Watch D is expected in December. Also in December we are waiting for the premiere of the Huawei clamshell smartphone, which will compare favorably with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 with a larger external display.

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In this market, Samsung smartphones accounted for half of all sales. The company’s achievement in Vietnam contrasts with other brands



Samsung has been the leader in the smartphone market for many years, but its positions vary greatly from country to country. As it turned out, in Vietnam, Samsung crushed half of the market.

At the end of the third quarter, the Korean giant took 49% of the Vietnamese market, and a year ago the company’s share was 36%. At the same time, almost all other companies from the top five recorded a decrease in their market shares.

As you can see, only Vivo was able to increase its share from 6% to 8%, but Oppo, Xiaomi and Realme cannot boast of this. At the same time, the market as a whole sank by 28%, so against this background Samsung’s achievement is even more significant.

In this market, Samsung smartphones accounted for half of all sales.  The company's achievement in Vietnam contrasts with other brands

Budget smartphones helped the company achieve such indicators. The Galaxy A12, A22 and A03s were the top-selling models in Vietnam. By the way, Galaxy A12, as we already know, was the second most popular worldwide this year.

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