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Which tablet to buy so as not to regret it

by Jeff Tucker


When tablet computers first appeared, many were skeptical about them. Then they really were of little use. Then the popularity of this gadget began to grow when Android device manufacturers started producing decent models. Then there was stagnation again, and now we see how the big market players release cool tablets one by one. They are powerful, productive, functional, beautiful, and even almost can replace a computer. Considering that tablets are becoming more and more, choosing something for yourself is not always easy. Let me try to help you. Some of the recommendations will be based on personal experience, so they will be as objective as possible.

The tablet

Tablets are good, but choosing an option for yourself is not always easy.

How to choose a tablet

As usual, the first thing to decide is the price. You have to understand how much are the maximum you are willing to spend on a gadget… Then you need to ask yourself what you need from this device. Do you need stylus support or is there high performance?

However, modern tablets are different in that everything develops in them quite evenly. That is, there is no such thing that the screen was made better, but the performance remained the same. If the tablet is more expensive, then it is even slightly better, but better in almost everything. The only exception concerns the memory for which have to pay extra in every model.

Below are some of the fresh tablets that interested me. I have used some of them personally and am ready to say in the first person that I liked them.

Best Android Tablets

Note that I’m not a big fan of Android tablets. With all my love for smartphones based on this operating system, I tend more towards competitors, but I will describe the models as objectively as possible. Moreover, they are not bad either.

Huawei MatePad Pro is the best Huawei tablet

The Huawei MatePad Pro was launched at a special event in Barcelona. It took place on the days of the canceled MWC 2020 exhibition due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is the flagship of the Chinese brand’s tablet line. The 10.8-inch tablet is probably the best Huawei has ever made. It is powered by a Kirin 990 processor with up to 8GB of RAM and even supports 5G. The 2K QHD display looks very cool, and there are many nice software tricks here to pair your tablet with your smartphone for better productivity. However, for this you must have the latest Huawei smartphone.


I liked this tablet

It can be used with a keyboard and branded “pencil”. So it can be a good replacement for a computer if you are not a particularly demanding user. The battery has a capacity of 7,250mAh and supports fast charging up to 40W, although only a 20W charger is included.

Amazon Fire – an inexpensive tablet

At one time, Amazon actively replicated advertising of its tablets in the press and on the Web, comparing them mainly to the iPad. The comparison was, of course, so-so, because he could compete with Cupertin’s gadget only at a price, but that was exactly what he took.

Devices Amazon Firecertainly not the best tablets on the market if you just look at the specs. Whether it’s the Fire 7 or Fire HD 10, Amazon doesn’t go for the most powerful chipsets, and it shows in everyday use. And yet the devices are interesting.


This is almost the cheapest tablet.

Great emphasis is placed on those who use the company’s services, such as a store or Prime platform… But it is also suitable for those who want to have a tablet for simple tasks and do not plan to spend a lot of money on it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 + 5G – a tablet with a strange case

To be honest, I have not used this tablet for a long time and was able to get acquainted with it only at the pre-briefing, when they were shown to journalists before the start of sales. Overall I liked it, but the case for it just blew my head off. When you figure out what’s what, it becomes convenient, but at first it’s difficult to understand why it should be divided into two parts and why it is so strange in shape.

The Samsung Tab S series has always been popular with Android tablet fans. As you’d expect from Samsung, the display is the main feature here. The 12.4-inch Super AMOLED screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is awesome! Tab S7 + 5G uses an eight-core processor Qualcomm SDM865 +, and the RAM can be up to 8 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S7

A good tablet, but, like all Samsung, not for everybody.

It also comes with an S Pen for added functionality. If you don’t want a tablet this big, there is an 11-inch version. Both models are available in versions without 5Gif you don’t need to use the next generation mobile network on your tablet.

The best Microsoft tablets

Microsoft may no longer play a role in the smartphone world, but the manufacturer is still trying to make decent tablets. Despite the fact that they often (always) turn out to be peculiar, there is something in them. Thanks to the S version of Windows 10, you have a system very similar to your home PC system, which is a good thing.


This tablet is much nicer than the Surface Duo.

Surface Go is Microsoft’s challenge to iPad. The Surface Go comes in a netbook format with a 10-inch display. Onboard there will be 4 or 8 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of storage. In keeping with current trends, the Surface Go has virtually no connectors at all. there is USB Type-C port, headphone jack and memory card slot, and a proprietary port for a charger or docking station. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, you can also use a stylus with Surface Go.

Best Apple Tablets

Usually, I try to objectively evaluate any gadgets and soberly weigh all the pros and cons. This is the case when comparing iPhones to Android smartphones, and when comparing iPads to Android tablets. I can’t help myself and I understand that Apple’s tablets are really better. Almost all people familiar with Android smartphones choose the iPad when buying a tablet, and there is an explanation for this. They are simply made better and more comfortable. That’s all. This scheme does not work with phones, but it does work with tablets.

iPad Pro is the best iPad

I have been using this tablet myself for several years, changing only one model to another. I even bought the expensive Magic Keyboard, which allows me to completely ditch my laptop for text and picture work for the website. Even now I am printing on this device.

iPad Pro is Apple’s largest tablet. You can choose between an 11-inch and 12.9-inch display. The latter, combined with the keyboard, really makes the iPad look like a laptop. You can also use the Apple Pencil to write and draw on your tablet – although that’s no longer unique to the Pro model. The A12Z Bionic-based iPad Pro can be unlocked with Face ID, and its narrow bezels make it very compact and lightweight.

iPad Pro

This tablet is expensive, very expensive, but it’s really the best.

Maybe it’s a little expensive, I’m completely satisfied with it and recommend it to everyone who wants to buy a tablet and can afford an expensive model.

iPad Air (2020) – new iPad

iPad Air grew in 2020 and now offers a 10.9-inch Retina display. Apple has narrowed the bezels from the previous model and moved the fingerprint scanner from the front to the power button. As a result, it became similar to the Pro version released two years ago and updated this spring. The main external difference from the “proshka” is in the body colors. You can choose from several options not previously seen in Apple tablets.

iPad Air 2020

The new iPad Air is available in multiple colors.

The tablet is powered by an A14 Bionic processor. It’s Apple’s most advanced chip ever, outperforming even the top iPad Pro models that haven’t yet been updated until 2020 and beyond. iPad Air 2020is likely to be a tablet worth buying this year.

iPad (2020) – The cheapest iPad

The basic iPad has always been popular for its low price tag. The latest iPad was highly anticipated and now it also runs the A12 Bionic processor. It has a 10.2-inch Retina display with True Tone function. There is also support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Like the others, it provides up to 10 hours of battery life. This is the model to get if you want all the joys of iPad OS but don’t want to spend a fortune. But I do not recommend buying an iPad mini. And it costs more. What tablet do you use? And is he even needed? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

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