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Which iPhone Is Better to Get in 2020?

by Jeff Tucker
Which iPhone is better to get in 2020

Ranging from iPhone SE to iPhone 11 Pro.

We raise the eternal theme: which iPhone is worth buying and why. Apple has divorced so many models that the phrase “take the newest and do not worry” is no longer enough. Let’s see what the current line of iPhones looks like at the end of June 2020.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: when you love the newest

With the most expensive iPhones, everything is simple: if you want the best from the world of Apple phones, buy 11 Pro Max. Not ready to put up with the bulky dimensions of the case, then choose 11 Pro, it is noticeably smaller and more compact. There shouldn’t be any questions with the choice of memory: 512 GB is enough for all times, and if you don’t shoot a lot of videos, then 256 GB will be enough. Buying a flagship phone with 64 GB is an so-so idea: the memory goes away at the moment, and then you still regret that you decided to save some money on it.

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

iPhone XS and XS Max: smart shopping

A couple of last year’s top iPhones fell significantly after the release of a new generation. If you don’t chase top-end phones and count money, then you should take a closer look at the iPhone XS. He loses in the quality of night shooting, but do you often take pictures in poor conditions for his Instagram?

iPhone XS and XS Max

He also has less working time relative to the Pro-series, but this is decided by the purchase of a “humpback” case with a built-in battery or Power Bank. Otherwise, the phone is excellent: a well-tuned OLED screen, small size (I mean the regular XS), great video recording and the feeling of an expensive thing from using a metal and glass case.

iPhone 11: when you want the latest, but not so expensive

Last fall’s new product was a bestseller, repeating the successes of the iPhone XR. The phone turned out to be so successful, because it costs significantly less than the Pro-series, and you do not have to sacrifice performance, because the processor is like in 11 Pro. The differences are rather of a moral kind: it’s like a Mercedes-Benz C and E class: they seem to be similar to each other, but the sensations from trips are completely different.

iPhone 11

At the same time, the iPhone 11 is a good compromise: it’s not as expensive as the 11 Pro, and with the $ 300 saved, you can buy wireless AirPods Pro with noise reduction.

iPhone XR: the perfect balance of price and quality

Between iPhone XR and iPhone 11 the difference is about $ 100, in my opinion, paying extra for the new product is worth a lot if you take a lot of pictures and want a better camera. If the photo business is secondary, and the priority is saving money, then you can buy the still not old, but still kind iPhone XR. In terms of price and quality, this is a pleasant phone that will please both the speed of work and the time of work.

iPhone XR

iPhone SE: Old New iPhone

Apple’s spring novelty has made as much noise as no flagship on Android has dreamed. Although there is an old design from the G8, and a small battery, and a screen with wide frames, and the Home button feels strange. By the standards of 2020, a very strange phone, but it is the most affordable iPhone with a new generation of filling. He will receive updates for a long time, and when prices go down, as was the case with the first SE, he will generally become a popular favorite.

iPhone SE

Here it would be possible to put an end, but there are several more old models on sale. I would not buy them. In particular, the iPhone 8 is comparable in price to the more recent iPhone SE, and the “seven” are still a bit old for 2020. Nevertheless, they can still be found on sale, so I’ll add to the selection.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Eights have disappeared on the Apple website, they are no longer in the company’s online store, but the remnants are still being sold. There isn’t much point in buying an iPhone 8 right now; it’s more interesting to look at the more recent iPhone SE. It costs not much more, but wins in all respects. First of all, it is interesting thanks to the most modern Apple A13 Bionic processor, while the iPhone 8 does not have such a powerful Apple A11 Bionic. Accordingly, iPhone SE will also work faster, and iOS updates will receive longer.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

I have no doubt that for many these iPhones will be the first ticket to the world of Apple phones – a low price threshold is crucial. At first glance, the phone is not bad, even by the standards of 2020. Let him turn four years old in the fall, but on iOS 13 he works fast, the video writes all the same smoothly, and chips like moisture protection and the Home touch button under the screen delight the heart. But the quality of the photographs has not been flagship for a long time, the battery life is not so hot and the reason for the purchase is only the desire to join the Apple world at minimal cost.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone SE

If you buy the smallest iPhone, then for the collection, save it in a sealed box for future generations of gadgets. I don’t see other reasons to buy, walking with a tiny 4-inch screen is excruciatingly painful, and there are almost no phones left on sale.

iPhone SE

Instead of a conclusion

If we discard old models like the iPhone 7 and 8, as well as their Plus brothers in the lineup, it turns out that if you buy a new iPhone in 2020, you should look at least at the next-generation iPhone SE. If you are confused by the old design, a small battery and a button under the screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner, then look at the iPhone XR.

This is one of the most enduring iPhones, which sets records for autonomy. In addition, it has a large screen, a good camera, but in my opinion, it is more interesting to pay and buy exactly the iPhone XR, and not the new iPhone SE.

If you plan to take a lot of pictures, the choice is obvious: you need to buy the latest iPhones: 11 Pro will definitely like it, and if the budget is limited, then buy “just” iPhone 11. The camera on Apple phones improves every year, the night mode works wonders in low light and for owners of old iPhones can only regret that their phones do not have this feature. There is no it, by the way, and in iPhone SE.

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