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WhatsApp will get a tool for memory management



The first information about the new storage management tools for WhatsApp appeared in June 2020. The development team has finally confirmed this data.

The company announced that it will unveil an updated storage management tool this week. It can be found under Settings> Storage & Data> Storage Management.

The new menu offers various options for deleting large and frequently sent files. In addition, users will be able to batch delete data and sort it by age or size. You will also get a visual breakdown of the storage used by the messenger.

The developers decided to keep the current ability to view and manage the storage in every chat. Therefore, if you know that a certain interlocutor is sending too many heavy files, then you can take the necessary measures to clean the drive.

It looks like the new storage management menu is being activated on the server side rather than through an app update. Some users have already gained access to the new feature. Apparently, WhatsApp is rolling out it gradually.

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