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WhatsApp now makes it easy to clear GIFs and spam photos from memory



WhatsApp began distributing a new option that allows you to conveniently manage files saved through the messenger – pictures, GIF animations, videos, and more. The new tool is a redesigned storage management menu from the application settings. It has two new tabs: one displays media files that have been sent many times between dialogs, and the other shows heavy files that weigh more than 5 MB.

By opening any of the new tabs, the user can manually select which of the files he wants to delete from the device’s memory – each of them has its weight written on it.

At the moment, the new function may not yet be available – you need to wait for the next messenger update.

Among other things, the developers of WhatsApp confirmed that soon disappearing messages will appear in the service – detailed information about them and the principle of their work appeared in the FAQ on the official website. Disappearing messages will be automatically deleted after 7 days, even if they have not been read. Apparently, you cannot turn on a timer that allows you to manually set the deletion time. This option will also appear in group chats, but only administrators can enable it.

Disappearing messages will work with media files, but not with forwarded recordings. Also, the developers noted that disappearing posts will be saved in backups (if their timer has not yet expired), as well as on users’ devices (if automatic loading of media into memory is enabled).

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