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What’s new in the DJI OM4 Smartphone Gimbal (Osmo Mobile 4)?




As previously reported, Fly Technology has brought its new 4th generation DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizer for smartphones to Ukraine. Dji decided to carry out a minimal rebranding and now calls the model simply OM4, this is the inscription on the box.

What’s cool about the DJI OM4?

Perhaps the most important innovations in the DJI OM4 are the new mounting system and new, more powerful stabilizer motors for more payload. Now, instead of a non-removable smartphone clip, a mount with powerful magnets is used. That being said, there are two options. The first is the usual clamp with a magnetic pad: it clings to a smartphone and attaches to the stabilizer with a magnet. This is for ease of use. Now, for example, to answer a call, you do not need to pick out the smartphone from the clamp. It is enough to simply “unfasten” the smartphone together with the clip. The second option is a little more unexpected, although the essence and the system is approximately the same: the set includes a magnetic metal plate with a ring, which is glued directly to the smartphone or a case to it.

The DJI MIMO app is used to capture and control the gimbal. There are a decent number of different shooting modes and functions. There is tracking of moving objects ActiveTrack 3.0 and the creation of video stories using Story Mode templates. Of the new modes is CloneMe Pano: a panorama of images that are taken with a delay, so you can shoot yourself in one panorama in several places. Gesture Control allows you to trigger automatic motion-tracking recording. And it will obviously be interesting to play with the DynamicZoom function. It allows you to do the so-called “Hitchcock Effect”, aka Transtrav and Dolly Zoom:

Also there are already familiar from previous models Hyperlapse, Motionlapse, Timelapse, panorama 240 ° and 3×3 panorama. We will not confirm, but it is likely that the previous model with updates will receive, if not all, then some of the new features that appeared with the DJI OM4.

What does it look like and what is the technical characteristics?

Visually and structurally, the new DJI OM4 stabilizer does not differ much from its predecessor (except for the mounting system): the same folding design, the same set of functional elements, including a joystick for control, trigger and zoom control. The DJI OM4 is charged by Type-C and can be charged while in use. Plus there is a full-size USB, with which you can charge your smartphone. There is a standard 1/4 “tripod thread on the bottom of the handle.

The official website says that the gimbal will cope with a 230 ± 60g smartphone, 6.9-10mm thick and 67-84mm wide. So there shouldn’t be any problems with the vast majority of modern models. DJI OM4 itself weighs 390 g, unfolded dimensions: 276×119.6×103.6 mm, folded: 163×99.5×46.5 mm. The stabilizer is powered by a 2450 mAh battery, which in ideal conditions should be enough for 15 hours of operation. Charges in 2.5 hours from standard 10W charging. Unlike the previous model (it came in two trim levels), only one set will be available: with a tripod, a smartphone clip, a magnetic ring, a charging cable, a hand strap and a case.

When and for how much?

DJI OM4, aka Osmo Mobile 4 has already gone on sale in Ukraine, costs about 5200 UAH… Should you buy? If you need the most easy-to-use and functional stabilizer for your smartphone, then perhaps yes. Upgrade from a previous version? I’m not sure: the changes are not so radical and critical.

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