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What the new mode looks like and what it can do in Google Maps for Android




Despite the fact that Google, no less than Apple, wants to conquer as many markets as possible, it does not always succeed. Smartphones, tablets, laptops for study and partly TVs – check. But then the matter, apparently, is moving openly so-so. For example, Google had an attempt to conquer the market for operating systems for cars with Android Auto, which, unlike Apple’s CarPlay, somehow didn’t fly. Apparently, therefore, the developers of the company – just so that the developments would not be lost – decided to translate them into a more popular product – Google Maps.

Google maps

Google Maps has a new mode similar to Android Auto

Google is preparing an update for Google Maps. It promises to be even more ambitious than the one in which developers added user profiles to maps and allowed to search for people who shared their location with you using augmented reality. The key innovation of the upcoming update will be a new mode specifically for drivers. It will turn on while driving, making it easier to interact not only with maps, but also related smartphone functions relevant to the driver.

Driving mode in Google Maps

Google maps

New mode in Google Maps resembles Android Auto

Looking at the interface of the new mode, one gets the impression that Google has decided to transfer the entire Android Auto platform to Google Maps. In addition to the integrated screen with a navigator and a widget for controlling music from compatible services, there is a microphone for activating the Google Assistant so as not to be distracted by a smartphone while driving, as well as a button to launch a menu for quick access to selected applications. Of course, these are not all programs installed on the smartphone, but only those that may be in demand while driving:

  • The actual cards
  • Music services
  • Messenger
  • Phone
  • Podcasts
  • Radio

True, there are limitations. For example, from the “Phone” application within Google Maps, you can call not everyone, but only the last three subscribers you called, and three selected contacts from your address book. If you wish, you can exit from there with the voice command “Call”, which you need to give to the Google Assistant. This action will take you to the standard “Phone” application. This feature can come in handy if you urgently need to contact someone without being distracted by exiting Google Maps and launching a separate program.

Android Auto on smartphone

Google Maps update

The new Google Maps mode can help drivers

The arrival of the new driving mode is quite unexpected, frankly, given that it almost completely duplicates the functionality of Android Auto. Basically, the only difference between the two is that the platform allows you to choose an alternative navigation service, and as part of the Google Maps mode, you can only use – you will be surprised – Google Maps. However, this is a small loss, given that most users already choose Google’s branded service.

At the moment, the Google Maps update with automotive mode is being distributed only to a limited audience of users in test mode. Despite the fact that Google has released a new build of maps for Android, it is only a kind of base for applying the changes that the company is activating on its servers. As a result, it is impossible to forcibly enable the new mode if Google has not included you in the list of testers of the innovation. Therefore, even if you have already updated, all you have to do is wait for the changes to take effect.


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