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What is a modern gaming chair? Review of two models from AeroCool

by Robert Adams

Variety is good. So says the company AeroCool, which mainly deals with cooling systems for PCs. In addition, AeroCool has been producing fans, coolers for processors, water cooling systems for all the same PCs, system units, tables … and also, for three years now, gaming chairs.

The niche of gaming chairs is very specific. Of course, the main consumer is an e-sportsman who needs to sit for many hours a day to train and win. The chair should support your back, help with thermoregulation and, in general, contribute to comfortable long-term play. In fact, the chairs are aimed at everyone who sits in front of the computer for a long time (for example, designers, engineers, editors, etc.).

AeroCool has released two versions of the DUKE chair: Lite and simply DUKE, without any additions. Sit back, now I’ll tell you how to sit on gaming chairs from a manufacturer of cooling systems.

Duke Lite and Duke from the back

We collect, feel

Both models, DUKE and DUKE Lite, came to my review. I started by saying it’s easier. I open the DUKE Lite box, and there … everything, of course, is disassembled. But, what pleases me, the entire assembly kit is in a blister, even the key is available. That is, you don’t even need to search for a tool. And then there are spare screws, it’s nice!


The scheme is simple. In the Lite version, the armrests are a supporting structure, the back and seat are attached to them. Four bolts – and almost the entire chair assembly. From below we add a height adjustment system, and already insert the base with wheels into it. It’s simple, I finished it in about 30 minutes of unhurried assembly. The main challenge is to keep the seat and backrest straight to fit the first screws. But these are all little things, you need to collect it only once.



DUKE has richer equipment and a different design, and it weighs more. There are removable and adjustable armrests, they are already installed in advance. The backrest is also adjustable, according to the automobile principle – you pull the lever from the side, bring it to the desired position and fix it.



Here, assembly is also easier: you just need to screw the back into the fasteners, put the plugs and install it all on the base. There are also two pillows, under the lower back and under the head. What is nice, the covers are removable from the pillows, which means they can be washed.

I’ll tell you about the materials, they are interestingly selected for both models of chairs and have an unusual texture. These are Alcantara-like textiles (AeroCool calls it AeroSuede) and artificial leather, which are combined in a very peculiar way. The intricate weaving of lines makes the chairs look slimmer, and the diamond-shaped stitching adds spectacular appearance. It is also worth noting that the chairs are easy to clean. It is no use denying that frequently used furniture gets dirty and both DUKE models can be cleaned with dry cleaning products and a cloth without any problems.

DUKE gallery


DUKE Lite Gallery


I’ll tell you about the differences between DUKE and DUKE Lite. The first has an adjustable backrest, armrests and two pillows that can be removed altogether. The DUKE Lite is height adjustable and the armrests are part of the supporting structure. By the way, in the Lite version the armrests are covered with fabric, while in the older model they are not, which is strange.

First photo – armrest DUKE Lite, the rest – ergonomics


Let’s sit down

The first thing you pay attention to when sitting in a chair is a deep seating position. The seat is very large. Does this cause discomfort? No, but strangely, my chair, an ordinary office one, is not so deep. And immediately running ahead, I will say that the most important thing for the player: it is not hot in the chair even after several hours of sitting.

The Lite version cannot boast of adjustments, and the standard configuration was not very convenient for me. I wanted to tilt the chair back more and raise it higher, even from the highest position. But the armrests must be given their due, tactilely pleasant and comfortable. True, they did not fit under my table from IKEA when the chair was raised as much as possible.


The older model is, of course, more flexible in terms of customization. Here you can adjust the height of the armrests and even their rotation. The latter – at first it may seem like a strange feature. But, for example, if you turn the keyboard, the position of the hand will change, and here it is convenient to turn the armrest in the direction of the hand. But there is no pleasant soft upholstery on the armrests. It is not clear what prevented it from being done here too. As already mentioned, the backrest is also adjustable, so it will be easier to get comfortable.






Particularly pleasing is the lumbar cushion – it is dense, so you really feel it, and it adds comfort when sitting for a long time. The pillow under the head is a matter of taste, personally, I do not lean against my upper back, so often I simply did not touch it. Both pillows are only in the DUKE version, the Lite does not.

What else would you like from both seat models? Wheel locks, sometimes it can be useful. Although no one bothers to buy other accessories.



What’s left? DUKE Lite costs about $ 140, and DUKE – about $ 180. With such a small difference in price, I definitely recommend the older model. There are more adjustments here, and there are nice accessories for convenience in the form of pillows for the head and lower back. And also, if you suddenly do not like the armrests, they can be removed altogether, which the Lite version will not allow. But the most important thing, in fact, is required of a gaming chair – it is not hot in it, you do not get tired of sitting for a long time, and this is relevant for both versions. All this is complemented by an interesting appearance and ease of assembly.


  • do not get tired and do not get hot during a long sitting;
  • interesting design;
  • the older version has pillows included;
  • the older version has a lot of adjustments and the armrests can be removed.


  • the Lite version does not have a very high maximum lifting height.


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