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What has Apple in store for the November presentation?

by Jeff Tucker

Apple has already held two new product launches this fall, in September and October. But judging by numerous rumors and leaks, the company will not stop there and will hold the November event.

What will it be dedicated to? According to sources, Apple has several more products planned for this year.

Mac with Apple Silicon processor

The presentation of an Apple computer on a proprietary platform before the end of this year will happen for sure: the company announced this at the Apple Silicon presentation at WWDC 2020 in the summer.

It is not known which model will be the first among the processors transferred to the new series. Network insiders are leaning towards the MacBook Pro 13 “as discussed by Komiya and Ming-Chi Kuo. The first Apple Silicon device will be a laptop, not a desktop, said Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman.

But that’s not the only option: Chinese industry sources The China Times hint on the reincarnation of the 12-inch MacBook, the same Ming-Chi Kuo says that the Pro 13 “can be joined by the MacBook Air.

The Taiwanese edition of DigiTimes reported in September that the first Apple Silicon chip will be a modified Apple A14X, developed using a 5nm process technology. This is confirmed by The China Times.

So far, that’s all there is for this device.


More is known about AirTags. Rumors of miniature but clever tags for finding things have been circulating for over a year. The idea of ​​the gadget is as follows: the sensor can be attached to objects that should not be lost, and its location can be tracked using Bluetooth and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology via the Find My app on the iPhone.

Most of the information about AirTags came from insider John Prosser, who has a controversial reputation. According to him latest data, AirTags will be announced in November, along with iOS 14.3: this version of the system supposedly contains the code for the tags to work. True, before that, he also claimed that the presentation of the device was postponed until March 2021, and even earlier that it would take place at the October event. So there is no specifics on the timing.

Visually, AirTags will look like a large pill or badge. The front panel is covered with a white matte material, while the back has a metal disc. Either in a set, or separately on sale – here the opinions of sources differ – a leather case will appear for storing the tag.

AirPods Studio

For the first time, the phrase “full-size headphones from Apple” was printed by Bloomberg back in January 2019. Until April of this year, there were no details about them, until the same publication spoke about the development of two versions: from premium materials and more affordable, but intended for fitness.

It is known that the model will receive an active noise cancellation system and a “transparent” mode, as in AirPods Pro, auto-pause function when removing headphones from the head, as well as replaceable ear pads and padding.

The cost of the Studio in the US will be $ 350-400. But whether Studio will be presented in November, the question is: according to the latest data the announcement will be postponed to March 2021. Prior to that, it was reported that mass production of the gadget would begin at the end of October.

Apple TV

The most mysterious of the expected new products. Apple hasn’t updated the box since 2017 and rumors of a new version have been circulating for a couple of years.

But how it differs from the current model is unknown: there is information about the Apple A12X or A14X chip so that the set-top box can provide “comparable to consoles” performance. The device can also receive an Apple U1 chip for high-precision tracking of the owner’s movements around the house using ultra-wideband technology, which can be useful in augmented reality.

If the Apple TV were really unveiled in November, there would probably be more information on the net about it. According to the latest Bloomberg report, the gadget will be ready for launch no earlier than 2021.

Apple’s November presentation will happen on November 17, again, by opinion Prosser. This month is difficult to choose dates, as elections will be held on November 3 in the United States, Veterans Day is celebrated in the country on November 11, and Thanksgiving Day on November 26. Usually Apple gives its employees a day off for all these events.

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