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Western Digital Unveils Expansion of WD_BLACK Series for Gamers

by Henry Brown


Western Digital today announced three new and forthcoming WD_BLACK storage products. This is the company’s first next-generation NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD) with PCIe Gen4 technology, PCIe Gen3 x8 expansion card that can be configured as a boot drive, and a Thunderbolt 3 gaming dock with NVMe SSD Each new product comes with a vivid RGB lighting option.


This PCIe Gen4 drive offers high read / write speeds up to 7000/5300 MB / s (1 TB model). Equipped with a WD_BLACK G2 controller and optimized for high-end and high-intensity gaming (but not designed for NAS and servers), the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD will help gamers get the most out of their PCs. The device reduces game load times and transfers files faster than its predecessor using new caching technology.


In addition to the high performance NVMe SSD, the WD_BLACK SN850 also offers even lower queue depth than the previous generation, giving gamers and casual users alike a smoother loading experience. It is also possible to choose a modification of the heatsink with RGB lighting, which helps to reduce the number of clock skips (throttling) due to excessive heating of the device. The heatsink-less WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD will be available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities starting at $ 149.99.

WD_BLACK AN1500 Expansion Board with NVMe SSD

This plug-and-play expansion card is configurable as a bootable disk for gamers looking for next generation performance on their current hardware. It is based on PCIe Gen3 x8 technology. Two on-board SSDs on RAID 0 and PCIe Gen3 x8 technology deliver up to 6500 MB / s read and 4100 MB / s write1 (2TB and 4TB models).


Customizable RGB lighting (Windows only) brightens your hardware, while an integrated heatsink helps combat overheating skipping and maintains peak performance. The WD_BLACK AN1500 NVMe SSD Expansion Board is available in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities, starting at $ 299.99.

WD_BLACK D50 Gaming Dock with NVMe SSD


This compact high-performance gaming dock with SSD and designer heatsink transforms your Thunderbolt 3 laptop into a do-it-yourself and gaming machine. This solution is ideal for gamers looking to modernize their setup. Connected to your laptop via a single Thunderbolt 3 cord, the docking station delivers high speed boosts with NVMe technology, more storage capacity for gaming, and multiple ports for accessories. The WD_BLACK D50 with NVMe SSD is complemented by customizable RGB lighting controlled by the WD_BLACK Dashboard utility (Windows only). The device will be available in 1TB capacity, with prices starting at $ 499.99. The lineup also includes the $ 319.99 WD_BLACK D50 Gaming Dock Mod without SSD.


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