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Western Digital in talks to merge with Kioxia



The American company Western Digital is in preliminary negotiations on a possible merger with its partner, the Japanese manufacturer of memory chips Kioxia Holdings. This was reported by Reuters, citing “a person familiar with the matter.” The deal is worth $ 20 billion.

The parties are said to have come to an agreement as early as mid-September. The combined company will be led by Western Digital CEO David Goeckeler.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported on the negotiations.

The combined company will be comparable in market share to Samsung Electronics, the market leader in NAND flash memory chips.

According to research firm TrendForce, Samsung now has more than a third of the market, Kioxia nearly 19%, and Western Digital 15%. Other major players are the South Korean company SK Hynix and the American companies Micron Technology and Intel.

“Such a deal would be a defensive but sensible move by Western to strengthen its competitive position in the rapidly consolidating chip market,” said Morningstar analyst William Kerwin.

“In the long term, we expect the NAND market … to consolidate to about the top three players,” Kerwin quoted Reuters as saying.

The consolidation process is already underway. Last year, Hynix agreed to buy out NAND production from Intel for $ 9 billion. The deal has already been approved by US and European regulators. It is expected that the rest of the necessary permits will be received by the end of this year.

The merger between Western Digital and Kioxia may also require approval from US, Japanese and European competition authorities.

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Redmi Note 11 tested in Geekbench. It is twice as slow as flagships



Tomorrow Xiaomi will officially unveil the Redmi Note 11 smartphones, but the base model of the line, designated with catalog number 21091116AC, has already appeared in the Geekbench benchmark today. Test results: 592 points in single-threaded and 1712 points in multi-threaded. The performance is exactly half that of the current flagships on Snapdragon 888, although the creators believe that the consumer properties of Redmi Note 11 are close to the flagships of the Redmi K40 series.

However, this is the performance of the base Redmi Note 11, and Redmi Note 11 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro + will be slightly faster, since they are based on SoC Dimensity 920. Also from the benchmark report it follows that the base Redmi Note 11 runs Android 11 and has 8 GB of RAM. Obviously, the top version of the model was tested, since the initial version of Redmi Note 11 will have less RAM: 4 or 6 GB.

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Capture almost 5% of the global PC market in three weeks. Windows 11 isn’t just spreading fast, it’s very fast



AdDuplex statistics released today show that Windows 11 is spreading not just fast, but very fast. Recall that the final version of Windows 11 was released on October 4, a little over three weeks ago, and it has already captured 4.8% of the global PC market. Together with the beta version of Insiders, Windows 11 has a 5.1% share of the global PC market.

Apparently, Windows 11 will continue to be adopted very quickly on users’ PCs and by the end of the year it may well occupy more than 10% of the market. If not for the very strict requirements for the hardware platform of computers and laptops, Windows 11 would have spread much faster.

Capture almost 5% of the global PC market in three weeks.  Windows 11 isn't just spreading fast, it's very fast

As for the most popular versions of Windows, these are still the most recent versions of Windows 10 – 21H1 and 20H2. Their shares are 37.6% and 34%, respectively. For those who are not going to upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft is preparing the 21H2 update, and it should be out very soon.

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Samsung unveils new features for its smart TVs – video calling, games and automatic subtitling



Samsung Electronics revealed a lot today at SDC 21. In addition to launching a cloud gaming service and opening the Tizen platform to third-party vendors, Samsung also talked about new features that will soon be available on its smart TVs.

One of the areas Samsung is focusing on is video calling. The new video communication solution was implemented in collaboration with Google. As Samsung promises, it will bring higher quality video calls to TVs thanks to AI-powered autofocus and zoom capabilities.

Samsung unveils new features for its smart TVs - video calling, games and automatic subtitling

The company is making it easier for developers to release camera services and apps on Samsung TVs, and is working to improve compatibility with external webcams.

For example, the Samsung Health solution for Samsung TVs can connect to a webcam and analyze exercise performance in real time while exercising.

Samsung unveils new features for its smart TVs - video calling, games and automatic subtitling

Samsung also paid attention to games. A gaming extension is under development that will provide support for HDR10 + technology with automatic frequency settings up to 120Hz HDR calibration.

Samsung unveils new features for its smart TVs - video calling, games and automatic subtitling

Consideration is being given to addressing compatibility issues to provide support for more game controllers. More than 10 game controllers are currently officially supported.

Samsung TVs will get new capabilities based on artificial intelligence. These include automatic subtitles that do not overlap with the text in the video, as well as new sign language capabilities, including a 3D character that can translate TV menus into sign language.

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