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We will soon be able to buy products directly from YouTube



It’s actually not yet clear how soon, but Google is already testing a similar feature. How will this all work?

Apparently, about the same as on Instagram and a number of other popular social networks. Authors of videos will be able to tag certain products in them, and users watching this video will be able to click on the link and place a purchase directly on YouTube, and not in some third-party online store.

It is not hard to understand that any advertising integration into a YouTube video in this case completely changes its meaning. Now YouTube has nothing to do with what the author advertises in the video, but if there is an integrated store, this very advertised product can be bought through Google services, and not Amazon or someone else, to whom the “link will be in the description”.

Of course, everything is not so simple, and it will not work with any integration, any product and in any region, but over time, YouTube can become the same familiar trading platform as Instagram.

A service representative has already confirmed that the company is working on such a function and is even already testing it, but has not yet provided details.

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