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Walmart teams up with Microsoft to buy TikTok

by Henry Brown


History with the sale of TikTok’s American business continues. Sources say that the final buyer is not yet chose but agreement on the sale will be concluded already in soon.

Who buys

ABOUT that in the number of buyers is Microsoft, it was also known before but now have corporation has a partner American chain of stores Walmart. The retailer has confirmed that it has agreed to partnership with Microsoft to buy TikTok’s business USA.

Potential cooperation with TikTok US in partnership with Microsoft will allow us to use an additional platform to increase online sales and will expand the advertising segment of our business, told in Walmart.

Following this announcement, Walmart shares rose by 2%.

Also, by information sources in interested in buying Oracle, the Japanese holding company SoftBank and another unnamed American company. They used to say and about Twitter. The transaction amount can be $ 20thirty billion

Source: CNBC

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