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Virtuix Introduces Omnidirectional Treadmill For VR Games




Virtuix has introduced the Virtuix Omni One, an omni-directional treadmill for VR games. The new model differs from the previously released Omni Pro in more compact dimensions. The device is suitable for home use.

The company calls its product nothing less than a real revolution and breakthrough in the development of omnidirectional treadmills for VR. The novelty gives the user complete freedom of movement – you can not only run, but also jump, kneel, squat, and in any direction.

Virtuix Omni One, in addition to the track, includes a self-contained headset and a vest that is fixed on a movable bar.

The platform will be released in the second half of 2021. By this time, they promise to support at least 30 games. The device can be purchased in two versions: a complete set for 1995 dollars and the Omni One developer kit – it will not include a VR headset, only a track, the price is 995 dollars… In the latter case, the VR headset will have to be purchased separately.

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