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Video of the day: a robotic firefighter enlisted in the United States

by Henry Brown

If back in the last century robots seemed to be a technology of the distant future, then today they are already actively used even in those scenarios that science fiction writers did not dream of either. For example, the Los Angeles Fire Department was the first in the United States to use a firefighter robot called the Thermite RS3 to put out fires. It is important to note that this is not a test sample or a demonstration model, which will then be put in a museum, but a full-fledged working machine – on Tuesday, the day before yesterday, the robot entered service and went on its first assignment. Together with human firefighters, he extinguished two buildings, after which he helped to clear the rubble right in the city center.

The Thermite RS3 robot weighs 1588 kilograms, and the battery life is twenty hours on one filling. The robot can be controlled remotely using a special remote control; among the functions of the machine, the ability to drive through doors is noted, plus the Thermite RS3 can easily break walls or even blow them up if necessary. But, of course, the main function of the robot is to extinguish the fire, so the developers have equipped the novelty with a cannon capable of releasing 9500 liters of water or foam per minute. This is quite enough for the efficient performance of its main tasks.

Video of the day: a firefighter robot enlisted in the United States


At the same time, the cost of Thermite RS3 is relatively low – only 272 thousand dollars. Moreover, the Los Angeles Fire Department is already thinking about buying more of these robots. Perhaps, in the foreseeable future, they will take up service in other states.

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