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Video cards are rapidly falling in price, and in August they may reach the level of recommended retail prices



Resource 3DCenter provided an interesting graph of the decline in the average cost of AMD Navi and Nvidia Ampere video cards. More precisely, the graph covers both the periods of growth since the beginning of this year, and the period of decline, outlined in May. If at its peak the markup for Ampere 3D cards reached 300%, then literally in a month and a half it decreased by half – now the overpayment for Ampere is 53%. This is an average for the entire line, of course, some deviations for specific models are inevitable, but in general, Ampere has become much more affordable.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 video cards are also getting cheaper and also up to the same markup level of 53% relative to the recommended cost, but it should be noted that they did not rise in price as intensively as Ampere – the markup reached a little more than two times (214%). There are two reasons why Ampere rose in price: firstly, there were more of these video cards on the market, and secondly, their performance when mining Ethereum is higher. It is noted that if prices continue to decline (and, most likely, they will), then in August they may reach the level officially recommended by manufacturers.

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