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Very unusual iPhone 12 accessories released




Momentum has expanded its line of accessories for Apple smartphones. They combine wireless charging with magnetic attachment to the body and other features.

This line is not part of the MagSafe brand as it is not Made for iPhone certified. Fortunately, there is no need to patent magnets, and the iPhone 12 supports the generally accepted Qi wireless charging standard and is compatible with adapters that do not need to be licensed (although there is a power limitation).

Momentum mainly makes accessories for mobile photography, and the (M) Force line is no exception. It includes various tripods, tripods and holders, including those with built-in batteries and lighting.

Select Momentum accessories extend the battery life of iPhone 12 while taking photos and videos by allowing the device to charge while it is in use. There are also holders for conveniently placing the smartphone on a table or car dashboard – they allow you to use it without worrying that it will run out at some point. Momentum sells on its website at different prices – from $ 20 to $ 50, depending on the model and characteristics.

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