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Venus Optics prepares full frame tilt-shift lens

by Henry Brown

According to the source, Venus Optics is preparing to release a full-frame lens under the Laowa brand, which will implement tilt and shift functions. The focal length of the lens will be 15 mm.

Making a reservation that the lens is still in development, so its final characteristics are unknown, the source claims that the new product has already been tried with a 44 x 33 mm sensor, that is, with a Fujifilm GFX system camera. Inspection showed that vignetting was negligible. The user can count on a shift along the diagonal of the frame by 7-8 mm, and vertically by 11 mm.

Venus Optics prepares full frame tilt-shift lens

It is not yet clear if the tested product is the Laowa 15mm F4.5 W-Dreamer lens, the images of which, for illustrative purposes, appeared at the beginning of the year. Possibly a different lens as the Laowa 15mm F4.5 W-Dreamer only has a shift function and the new lens is a source lens with shift and nalon functions. However, no conclusions should be drawn before the official announcement.

It remains to be recalled that Venus Optics already has a full-frame Laowa 15mm F4 lens with shift function, released in 2015, but the vertical shift of ± 6mm is only available when used with APS-C format cameras.


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