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Valve has added a new Chat Filter to Steam.




Valve has been preparing a new speech and writing filtering system for quite some time, and today the company’s management has presented the final version of the new speech filter under the humble and simple name Chat Filtering for its online game store Steam. It is worth noting the fact that in most multiplayer games – especially in the so-called competitive games – many players do not hesitate to use phrases and words that are quite colorful in a negative sense of the word, most often without thinking at all about how comfortable it is to perceive it from the outside other players – now everything has changed.

A separate Valve development team today unveiled something truly unique and unusual, namely a new chat filter system for the in-game chat system in the vast majority of online competitive games. Thus, the company now aims to provide end players with an even easier and faster way to organize correct and hassle-free communication among themselves, avoiding various insults and offensive written content in general. To do this, users are prompted to activate the new Chat Filtering filter in their Steam account, which, moreover, already has a pre-loaded set of words and expressions that must be immediately filtered.

As for the filtering system itself, instead of receiving offensive words and word combinations in their chat, the user who activated this function will now see only random sets of characters, which is a fairly easy and at the same time effective way to protect his psyche from the negativity of other players.

In addition, users themselves can easily customize their own lists of words and phrases by adding them to a special list – thus, each Steam user who has activated this function can absolutely freely add their own words that he considers offensive and which, as a result, will be blocked chat filter. It remains to be hoped that in the future Valve will not abandon this initiative and offer something even more interesting and unusual in this sense.


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