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Users Report Some Wireless Chargers Will Not Charge iPhone 12



In October, Apple released a new line of “apple” smartphones – iPhone 12. Many users have already become their happy owners, but information about the shortcomings of the twelfth “apple” appears from time to time. We’ve previously reported on the sharp edges of smartphones, and now it’s time to talk about another flaw.

Some wireless charger models won’t charge the iPhone 12, according to some users.

On various forums, lists of such power adapters have already begun to appear: Zens Liberty, Mophie Charge Stream Pad +, Nomad charging station and Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging stand.

There are also complaints about some Anker models.

Some experts argue that this phenomenon is not unusual. There are a huge number of Qi charger manufacturers and models on the market, and not all of them will be fully compatible with the technology used in the iPhone 12.

In addition, yesterday Apple released the final version of iOS 14.2, which fixed the wireless charging issue. Perhaps, after the update, some of the above devices will start working correctly with iPhone 12 smartphones.

Source: actualidadiphone

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