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Users: Microsoft installs apps on Windows 10 without permission

by Henry Brown

The Verge Site Editor Sean Holister published A note in which he said that Windows 10 rebooted his computer without permission and installed a forced update, after which the web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook applications appeared on the system.

Previously appeared information that Microsoft is testing the automatic installation of the updated Chromium-based Edge browser for a number of core Office applications such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The company was reported to be selectively testing such a feature among some Windows 10 Insider users. If these web applications are not needed, users can uninstall them at any time.

Sean noted that the system uses the Windows 10 Start menu as an ad slot – this is where the icons for Microsoft Office applications appeared after the update, although he himself has never installed Office on his PC.

Microsoft doesn’t respect ownership of your own computer and installs whatever it likes with Windows updates. They now combine a browser that cannot be uninstalled and a set of PWA web applications that run in the same browser – Sean Holister.

Image of The Verge


In addition, owners of computers running Windows 10 complain that rebooting the system without notification in some cases leads to data loss.

At the time of this writing, the company has not responded to requests from outraged users.

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