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US Department of Justice charges Google with serious charges of “foul play”



Google has often been attacked by a large number of users, companies and third-party corporations, who often accused it of allegedly seeking to unfairly turn the wheel of competition in its direction. And despite the fact that there is a certain amount of truth in these accusations, Google itself was once again preparing to respond with rather convincing and standard arguments regarding the multifunctionality and accuracy of its search algorithms – until the US Department of Justice itself put forward a whole package of charges against this corporation of a fairly serious scale.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that Google has often given an indirect reason to doubt that it is playing fair game in the search segment before, for example, when Mozilla, after using Yahoo’s search algorithms for quite a long time, was forced to return to the Google Search rails. due to a rather obscure incident.

However, this time, significantly more accusations and criticism were made against Google, moreover from officials of the authorities, so now it is difficult to say how easily and quickly Google will be able to get out of this situation. On the other hand, the accusatory rhetoric is now shifting more towards the fact that Google is allegedly using some hidden marketing and technical techniques that either obliges or pushes third-party developers and partner companies to exclusively use Google search engine and related technologies. although many inaccuracies remain here.

Nevertheless, there is hardly any doubt that relatively soon Google will put forward its own set of counterarguments, which in fact can turn the whole situation around – all the more taking into account the fact that now a really unpleasant situation is growing around the company, which can in fact could negatively affect the further reputation of Google. For now, it only remains to await the company’s final decision as to what arguments it will defend and what exactly it will hint at when drawing up a defense strategy.

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