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US authorities may require Google to sell Chrome browser

by Henry Brown

Some time ago, the US Department of Justice launched an investigation into Google – state attorneys general suggest that the company is violating antitrust laws. Now, according to Politico sources, the US authorities are planning to file a lawsuit against Google, demanding the sale of the Chrome browser and part of the corporation’s advertising business. It is worth noting that the first news that an antitrust lawsuit was being prepared against Google was reported by Politico back in February 2020. The company is accused of abuse of control over the online search market.

To determine the part of the business that needs to be sold in order to get rid of the Google monopoly, representatives of the Department of Justice turned to the competitors of the corporation. Some competitors have clearly identified the Chrome browser, because in the United States, for example, 81% of searches on PCs and 94% on mobile gadgets come from this browser. Moreover, just a few days ago, on October 7, the Antitrust Policy Committee issued an official report that Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon are strongly undermining competition in their markets using various monopoly tactics.

For example, the huge market share of the Chrome browser allows Google to set industry-wide standards when competitors have nothing to oppose. In addition, according to Politico, the US government will require Google to sell part of its advertising business and, most interestingly, the corporation will have to abandon some of its purchases. For example, in 2007 Google bought DoubleClick, a service that helps websites and advertisers display ads. Or advertising resources like Admob, Invite Media, and AdMeld, which were also acquired by Google, thanks to which the corporation was able to strengthen its control over the sale of advertising on the Internet.

Unfortunately, neither Google representatives nor the US Department of Justice commented on the situation.

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